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The story
Residents of Zorgerf Buiten-land can often no longer cycle themselves, but this does not alter the fact that they can really enjoy a bike ride in the fresh air. Therefore, an action was started to purchase a four-person bike. A noble cause! Zorgerf Buiten-land then organized a rollatorrace to collect money. The campaign was a great success and the bike could be purchased!

Success Factors

  • Nobel cause
  • Enthusiastic and involved fundraisers
Dam to Dam run VUmc Alzheimercentrum
The story
The VUmc Alzheimer Center has been fighting for years against Alzheimer’s disease, but also other forms of dementia. She provides care and conducts research, with the aim of better establishing and better understanding of these diseases.

Success Factors

  • Popular sports event
  • Involvement of a large company
  • Participants from all segments of the organization
Auction for 22Q11 Foundation
The story

Two mothers of children with the 22Q11 syndrome started an action to raise money for Stichting Steun 22Q11. In addition to the fund raising campaign, they are also seeking more publicity for Stichting Steun 22Q11. This foundation works closely with the expertise center in Utrecht.

With this action they want to achieve that 22Q11DS will be diagnosed faster, but also that there will be more understanding for these children and their loved ones.

To achieve their goal, they organize an auction of all kinds of new articles. The entire proceeds of the auction will benefit the foundation.

Without the support and the donations from so many, this action would not have had a chance of success! We are delighted with the achieved results. Ones again, it turns out that you can still be strong together!


Success Factors

  • Personal involvemente
  • Not just a good feeling for the donor, but also a package in the mail.
Shaving your mustache for education
The story

I am the chairman of the Amurang Foundation. We are committed to underprivileged children from Indonesia (in Amurang and Tondano). Normally, other people of our foundation take care of organizing fundraising actions. But this time I am the one who will start a fundraising action.

Nynke Beintema, our board member challenged me to take my mustache of for € 600, -. I’ve had that mustache since I was 14, so that was a bit of a swallow, but ultimately the charity won! With that money we can, for example, send Maria Tojo to school for another year. She follows a midwife training.

As soon as that € 600, – is in, my mustache goes off. Then we organize an Amurang meeting, so everyone can see that the mustache is really going!


Success Factors

  • Achievable goal
  • Playful fundraiser
  • Good promotion through (social) media
Scan Covery Trial 2018
The story

We, Karen and Antoine van Dijk start an action for the Ronald McDonald House in Veldhoven, Southeast Brabant. That is why we participate in the ‘Scan Covery Trial 2018’. That is a 7000 kilometer long car trip to the north of Scandinavia. A trip in harsh conditions, with snow, ice and low temperatures.

We link this trip to a charity, namely the Ronald McDonald House Southeast Brabant in Veldhoven.

Like no other we have been able to experience how important a Ronald McDonald house is. When our daughter was born prematurely 13 years ago, she had to stay in hospital for 8 weeks. Fortunately we could often stay in the Ronald McDonald house. So we were able to visit our daughter often.

You feel right at home there. The house breathes a quiet atmosphere and the volunteers there are great. By raising money with this action, we would very much like to give something back. Because we think it is very important that many others can use the Ronald McDonald house now and in the future!


Success Factors

  • Original action
  • Involved fundraisers
  • Recognizable for man
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