The Global 2 Local Fundraising Action Campaign Drive

A community-based initiative campaign drive to raise the funds for Singapore underrepresented and most marginalised women and girl.


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Lisa Ja'afar


Singapore, Singapore

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The initiative community-based fundraising drives are part of the collective unlock resources platform to integrates as the foundation community funds to be awarded among the collective partnership allied coming from the diverse background of civil society and independent NGO movement or organisation, the community leader, youth leader and referral candidates who mostly come from the nation underrepresented and marginalised women and children.

The Organiser

We are a local initiative collective drug led community-based movement, that's work to provides and outreach among peer community member to have the accessibility to an adequate 'safe space' platform area of their own, to assist and enable them to locate or search for any alternative human right remedies resources of services during any form of an emergencies or urgent case, referral cases to other social network services, peer support group and to foster the empowerment by building the good community leadership engagement among Singapore most disadvantage and vulnerable key populations group of (young) women including their children

We also coordinates community-based activity such as community workshop or program to foster a multisectoral educational platform in spreading and educating the public civil society including peer community member and allies on the fundamental awareness upon the framework domain of the skill and knowledge on a right-based work ethic principle of an international standard of human rights mechanism, to foster and encourager for the full visibility from the meaningful participation of community empowerment in coordinating to developed community-based intervention macro-level program and assisting healthcare, policy-making, researcher, etc to recognise and respect on the evidence-based best practice approach of community empowerment.

Who Are We Working Along With

We an affiliated community member with other local and regional social networking movement or organisation such as, Project X - Singapore sex worker organisation, Singapore NGO coalition group, International Networks of People Who Use Drug (INPUD), International Network of Sex Workers Project (NSWP), Amnesty International, Support Don't Punish global action movement and VIENNA NGO of drug organisation. We recognise our self as part of an human rights watchdog that works to monitor, documented and report on national malpractice quasi-legislative juridical legal system such as the harmful practice policies, punitive criminalizing law, economic systemic and structural violence and abuse, and repression compounded among the key population group of (young) women.

Where we are now coordinating a community-based campaign drive, to raise for the #MyWorld2GenderEquality20130 fundraising campaign, that among Singapore most disadvantage and vulnerable key populations group of (young) women who use drug, undocumented migrant and local sex workers, transgender women, women living with HIV/AIDs, women who are incarcerated for minor drug-related offences and women who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

When We Need to Raise the Community-Based Fundraiser Fund

We will like to raise the targeted amount of funds before Nov 2018, where we could utilize the funds for our preparation to organise an community event to commemorate for the international days to End Violence on Sex Workers 2018.

The amount that we have collected through this online fundraising page, will be consolidated by our appointed funds trustee and disseminated among Awaken Resistance, appointed partnership entity allies to utilize the funds in developing for future and existing community program and activity within their own sphere of community member. As the main organiser of the fundraising campaign, we at Awaken Resistance, will bear all the responsible and are accountability to provide all donors and partnership entity with a clear and transparent work performances, transaction follow-up updates or report including the beneficial profile for the funds recipient. We undertook to provide the work ethic principle of a right-based practices.

Who Should You Contact For Any Enquires

For any enquiries or question you could send us a message at our email or send us a direct message through our FB official messenger page @awakenresistancesg.

You may also contact Lisa Ja'afar, the co-founder and program director at her email For any urgent matter or enquires please link to her FB messenger page to make any direct call or message.

We will provide regulars updates and to be held accountable for any dubious or suspicion funds transition. Funders or donor are encourage to review the policy listed in WhyDonate, we also encourage to check or review on our work profile before making any amount of fund transaction. We welcome any inputs, suggestion or feedback on the community-based fundraising campaign drive action, please send us your response or comment at our email

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