Photography: Embrace Diversity

I want to glorify beautiful - creative individuals

Kunst & cultuur

Created by :

Olcay Modern


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Photography: Embrace Diversity

Hello, My name is Olcay Modern and I'm a Turkish photographer from The Netherlands. Throughout my whole life I've been labeld as "different" because I was interested in art. Although I could go with what society expected from me, I chose to be me. I chose to embrace art in the widest sense of the word, have tattoos and piecings, wear sneakers and hoodys instead of suits and noticed that society wasn't as open minded as they portrayed to be. I found out that people like me were being labeld as "different", as "misfits" belonging to a "sub-culture". Embracing art in various ways does not mean that creative people are less good, especially when creativity is being used to contribute to a better (more open minded) society. So I chose to start a project with wich I glorify artists (dancers - painters - musicians - poets et cetera) by taking portrait photos of them in their element. I've started with the poject in The Netherlands and also want to work with artists from European countrys such as UK, France, Belgium, Germany et cetera. For the clothing, renting locations and such I need around 3K according to my caculation and for this I need you. So I kindly ask you to fund my project with wich I glorify beautiful - creative individuals for more acceptence/tolerence for "different" people. Many thanks and love, Olcay Modern