My Bike Ride Across The USA

In 2014 i rode my bicycle from Downtown Manhattan 17th, New York all the way to Panama City Beach, Florida for Wounded Warriors and Michael J. Fox Parkinsons. My plan was to go all the way to LA, but i got to cocky and hit by a car. I was forced to end the trip. Now im destine to finish it, for the same charity´s again


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Marc-Philipp Hussing


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dear potential Donator,

When i rode my bicycle in 2014 i was the happiest in my life, i´ve ever been. I met amazingly beautiful people on the road.

Last time i only documented the Trip via facebook, but this time i plan on using all social media tools to show a different side of the USA and the people, then there is shown by the media. I want to show how loving, friendly and supportive people can be. I feel like that this is needed more then ever in nowadays time.

I plan on riding for Wounded Warrior´s and Michael J. Fox Parkinson disease again, collecting money via fundraiser, as well as on the way from those who can afford it. The 2500 Euros are meant for the flight as well as the bicycle and equipment needed.

I thank you in advance for taking the time reading this and hope for your support. 

Kind Regards,

Marc Hussing