Funding for Casa Mantay in Peru

With a donation you will be helping Casa Mantay, which is an organization helping young mothers in Peru. Any donations would be very much appreciated!


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Roxy Standaert


Hilversum, Netherlands

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In February along with 15 other girls I will be going on a trip to Peru. On this trip we will be helping at Casa Mantay. Casa Mantay is a charity organization that helps and gives a home for teenage girls with a child. The teenage girls at Casa Mantay have been subject to abuse, or have to struggle with a child at an extremely young age and have no home other than Casa Mantay. Casa Mantay however does not have a lot of money to pay for bibs, blankets and other health care necessities for the children and their mothers. Therefore, I want to collect as much money as possible to be able to buy blankets and bibs for Casa Mantay as well as donating 200 euros to the charity. 

The money that is made will be going to Casa Mantay. There, the money will be used to buy blankets, bibs or food for the children and the mothers of the children. 

The support would mean a great deal to me, because this trip and helping these girls means a lot to me. I want to help these girls in any way that I can and any support of yours would help! Any donations of any size would help!

For more information about Casa Mantay you can click on this link which is Casa Mantay's website!