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The free Online Bible app helps you to read and study the Bible, find relevant passages and get a better understanding by examining the strong’s numbers.


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Cross Link Services BV


Dordrecht, Netherlands

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Our mission is to offer Bible users from all over the world a free Basic Pack full of Bible study materials. This Online Bible Basic Pack-app is available for Android, iOS and macOS. We currently offer a Study Pack in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. You can find the installation links for these apps on our website:

Anyone can download and install the Online Bible app for free, where they are also given access to freebiblical and theological texts.


For many pastors in Africa, the only way to access correctly transcribed and translated biblical references is through their Android phone or tablet. The same is true for those Christians who spread the Word in small groups, in home-based churches, or as elders of larger Christian denominations. English- and French-language Online Bible content is indispensable for these church-leaders. Their demand for high-quality reference works is growing, and with this the need to develop increasing levels of reliable French-language content.  This puts significant financial pressure on us, the Online Bible app team. It is a load we cannot carry alone. Please help us by sharing this burden.


In the Spanish-speaking world, Central and South America in particular, we are facing a similar situation. We obtain Spanish-language content from a partner, but are responsible for all distribution costs relating to this particularly large language group. For this service, we do not receive a penny. Please help us to continue distribution of the Spanish-language Online Bible app.

The Online Bible ministry continues solely through the support of Premium Users and donations. Premium Use can be activated from within the Android and iOS apps. To keep these apps available and functional, we pay approximately $10.000 a year in fees. This sum does not include the costs we incur when adding even more free content.


Our deficit for the year 2019 currently stands at €7925 ($8796). This deficit will have to be made up by donations. By making a contribution, you will help to spread the Word and make Bible study possible in multiple languages. Think about the many pastors and elders in third-world countries for which the Online Bible app is the only possibility to obtain reliable biblestudy possibilities in their pocket.

Thank you for your financial support.

Peter & Sjoerd

Online Bible Team

Cross Link Services

the Netherlands