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For my mom

Hello, I'm a college student from Portugal! The reason I'm doing this is because of my mother. She is a primary school teacher, and due to a depression that has greatly conditioned her neurological abilities she had to put a sick leave. Instead of 1200 €, she started receiving 1000€. In that period, her school's accounting department began to cheat on her paycheck, taking out approximately 200 € per month, at a salary of 1000 € (after the leave), with her having fixed expenses per month of 600 €. These errors in the paycheck began in the month of October last year and continue until this month of July 2018. I ask that you help us if you can because her employer does not want to acknowledge mistake, showing arrogance and lack of empathy for her situation. She's also hypertense and diabetic, this situation is not helping her get better in any of those problems. My grandparents have been helping her but they can't no longer because they are making a huge financial sacrifice. Thank you very much for your attention!