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Getting even more successful with your fundraising?

Then let us develop your new website. Whydonate has years of experience with online fundraising. And with this knowledge we have already made many websites for charities and foundations. Websites that work! We optimize this in full by informing and activating your stakeholders and donors.

Fully optimized web design for foundations and charities

The websites we make are technically optimized for non-profit organizations. We use the latest techniques so that the website is user-friendly on all devices. But we also ensure that the website is strategically arranged so that it not only looks attractive, but is particularly functional. We will add a donation module to your website, so you can receive donations directly from your own website.

  • Suitable for all devices
  • Optimum speed performance
  • Search engine-friendly
  • Secured with an SSL certificate
  • Includes installation donation module

To give an idea of ​​how such a website will look, we have created a demo site. All websites we make are built on the basis of this success formula. Naturally, the style of the website is adapted to the corporate identity of your organization.

View the demo website via the button below.

Choose the package that suits you

Charity Basic
  • ✔ 4 Statische info-pagina's
  • ✔ 1 Dynamische blogpagina
  • ✔ Installatie donatiemodule
  • ✔ Koppeling sociale media
  • ✔ Installatie SSL-certificaat
  • ✔ Google maps integratie
  • ✔ Basis-contactformulier
Charity Enterprise
Op aanvraagSky is the limit
  • Jij droomt het, wij maken het.

* All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Other online services:

In addition to our donation module and websites, we can also help you with other online services. Think about:

  • applying for a Google AdGrants credit of 10,000 dollars per month
  • keeping track of Analytics and / or Adwords
  • tracking and advising about social media
  • perform speed optimizations on your current website
  • perform search engine optimization on your current website
  • automating your e-mail campaigns or newsletters
  • the preparation or digitization of reports
  • designing logos or house styles