Youngnak Borin Orphanage

Life is a great joy and something to be cherished and thankful for!


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Youngnak Borin Orphanage


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Life is a great joy and something to be thankful for! 

However, there are many people allaround us, who have not been given the chance at life they should be. There arethose who were abandoned by their parents at a young age, children born withdisabilities, young teenagers who are not able to continue their studies due topoverty and lonely senior citizens, who all need a helping hand.  

Youngnak Borin Orphanage is only one of many projects part of the Eastern Social Welfare Society.

The Eastern Social Welfare Society was established to be a hand of opportunity to those who needed it. In 1972,the founder, Kim Duk Hwang, saw need and through a Christian mindset, set upthe foundation to fill the void that had been left by society. Adoption becamethe center for the society but since then expanded into other areas of socialcare such as: 

 -         Children Care
 -         Elderly Care
 -         Care for the Mentally and Physically challenged
 -         Community Service 

Life’s treasures of joy, thanks andhappiness are the greates hope of the Eastern Social Welfare Society

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