Yin Yoga: Erika becomes a warrior of compassion

Yin Yoga: Erika becomes a warrior of compassion


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Yin Yoga: Erika becomes a warrior of compassion


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Since 2010 i have been a devoted member of the yoga garden, here in Amsterdam. I found my teacher and she has literally changed my life. She is the one who showed me how to love myself, how to have compassion for myself and she is the one keeps bringing me back on my mat, each week again. My life has changed in so many different positive ways, I've decided to change my life 180 degrees around and become a yoga teacher. Being a teacher means providing the example, that means a lifetime commitment to learn and better yourself. By doing this i hope to make my life more beautiful and at the same time, help others do the same.

Will you help me fund my first teacher training?It's a Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Anat Geiger & Marcel Vis. I've accomplished the first 50 hrs, which explores anatomy. To become a teacher, i need a 200 hour certificate. The Yin Yoga Teacher Training start in October 2017 and lasts until May 2018. By Summer 2018, I should be teaching and will gladly share my knowledge (via Youtube) for all donateurs.

Please donate and help me become the best possible me and a great yoga teacher. All donations, however small or large, are welcome!

I will post regularly about my findings and experience on my youtube channel. I can't wait to inspire and share my knowledge ;-)Thank you deeply for taking the time to read this and support me in my journey. The aim is to give back!