Why you should drink 3 beers this weekend

Build a school out of beer!


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Maris Junior School


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Maris Junior School
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Imagine yourself living in a place where is no electricity and water,

So not having Facebook is just a starter.

It’s Monday morning 8 o’ clock,

With no breakfast in stock.

A glass of water would be so nice,

But over here it’s no paradise.

So you grab your jerrycan and put it on your head,

Walking for 10 k is better than having nothing instead.

On the road you meet a girl going to school, But in your house that’s not the rule.

As your mum left this world being way too young,

Tries father with HIV to remain strong.

While it’s hard to understand why,

There is not much time for you to cry.

Work on the land needs to be done,

So school is not a place you seem to belong.

Meanwhile it’s already late,

So you have to go to the garden straight.

Harvesting maize is your activity of the day,

Trying not to think of food along the way.

After 4 hours working in the heat,

It’s finally time for your treat.

Here is your breakfast, lunch and dinner in one time,

Two potatoes everyday is just fine.

Becoming a pilot is what you dream about,

But without going to school it’s hard to say out loud.

So you’re heading to the school you saw today,

And wish you could be like them and play.

Where this seems to be impossible for you,

Is that certainly not true.

In Maris Junior School there is place for all the poor,

They just need to expand a little more.

A second building is in the make,

However, 7.000 euros is what it’s going to take.

Now imagine yourself on a Friday night,

You probably go for a drink or a bite.

When you had your beer and want some more.

Please, just order three instead of four.

And give the saving of the night,

To the buttons on the right.