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From Trump Tower to Oval Office – Walk 2 Talk

On December 7th Karin Bosman will walk with as many students as possible from New York City to Washington DC, 313 miles to create more awareness about sexual harassment in education and against unwanted behavior in general.  

Way before the #MeToo campaign Karin was combatting sexual harassment, creating awareness and empowering people to speak-up and stand-up against it. Driven by her personal experience with sexual harassment she knows how to inspire people to share their personal experience because like she says: Word have Power.  

To create global awareness Karin is walking these 313 miles from New York City to Washington DC with the intention to have a talk with President Donald Trump or the minister of education Ms. Betsy DeVos. During this walk, she will pass several universities and the plan is to have students walking with her, from university to university like a rely event. End Rape on Campus - EROC - from Washington DC is supporting this initiative and will help to get in contact with universities, students, teachers and all who are concerned about the announced budget cuts by the Trump government for 2018. These will not be helpful in creating a reporting culture where people are encouraged to discuss sexual harassment end report it.  

Karin chose the United States because her intention is to create international awareness and because of the fact that the #MeToo campaign started in the States. Global attention to make sure that sexual harassment will remain high on the worldwide agenda of governments, global business, schools and university, even beyond the hype of #MeToo.  

Who is Karin
She is the founder of About Workplace Harassment – AWH - and she is an international speaker on the topic of sexual harassment and unwanted behavior. She is responsible for a zero-measurement research in the Caribbean on this topic and the co-writer of the initiative legislation for Curacao to protect people for workplace harassment. Karin is a survivor of sexual workplace harassment who understands everything about the humiliation and lack of information and awareness surrounding this topic, maintained by these same feelings of shame silences contracts.  

Make difference
Support Karin with this great initiative to bring students from all over the world together to stop the taboo on sexual harassment for once and for all and make it negotiable. She needs attention for this event, furthermore she needs more supportive walkers and of course donations are needed to help students financially to join in. She could also give lectures at several Universities during her walk to inspire and empower students to speak-up.  

Thank you so much for your support!