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Providing useful information to refugees in Amsterdam


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Vluchtelingen Platform Amsterdam


Netherlands, Netherlands

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We are all part of different study associations: Etcetera, Helios, Fabula Rasa, VOS & Asafier. We are working together as Vluchtelingen Platform Amsterdam to provide information to refugees about living in the Netherlands.

The past couple years, the ‘what is it like to be a refugee’ question has been answered for us, but we think it is time to switch it around! It is time to explain how we can all live together in the Netherlands. What is a DigiD? What is the difference between the Lidl and the Albert Heijn? Where are the best job opportunities? How to apply for receive state support? Where can you meet new people? Where should your child go to school? Where can you join English or Dutch classes?

We are going to try to answer these questions and more during our event on May 20th from 2pm to 6pm in the Muziekzaal in CREA. The event Living in the Netherlands is organised by students from the UvA in collaboration with Dutch refugees. As we are trying to create an amazing day, with tons of information, we can use all the help we can get!