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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my Why Donate page. For those who don't know me personally: My name is Vivian Panka. I'm an actor and singer from The Netherlands and I'm a graduate of Codarts University where I studied Musical Theatre. You may know me from Vals, Thrillermusical or Shock for which I was nominated for a Musical Award in the 'Upcoming Talent' category. My biggest dream has always been moving to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. You can imagine how happy and grateful I was when I heard that I'd been accepted to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles! So amazing. Unfortunately, the tuition and the price for housing are extremely high. Even though I was lucky enough to receive honors and merit scholarships from the institution, it's still impossible for me to come up with the money by myself. It is such a weird feeling: being accepted into your dream college but not being able to attend... But I am so close and I cannot just walk away from my dreams without a fight, so I decided to start a Go Fund Me page to tell my story and ask for your help. If you want to and are able to donate, please do. Every single euro is a huge help towards my goal. Thank you SO SO MUCH for donating. I will keep you guys updated and I will vlog my journey if we reach our goal! Many thanks and much love, Vivian FOR PAYPAL DONATIONS please visit: www.vivianpanka.com/donate FOR CC DONATIONS please visit: www.gofundme.com/vivian-panka-la For direct donations, sponsoring or questions contact me at vivianpanka@hotmail.com For more information please visit: www.vivianpanka.com https://www.aada.edu !!! WE HAVE ALREADY RAISED €1123 ON VIA GOFUNDME AND WWW.VIVIANPANKA.COM! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH !!!