Vakantie voor mam en stiefpa

Vakantie voor mam en stiefpa


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Vakantie voor mam en stiefpa


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Dear Everybody,First of all, thank you for reading this. My name is Nino Dijkstra and I am writing this in the hope you will help me so I can send my Mother and Stepfather on a well deserved vacation.On the 29th of April, something horrific happened that no one should ever have to go through. After a fun day/night with his family, Nick (my stepbrother) decided to go for a drink with his other stepbrother (from his mothers side). On their way to the bar they came across a few guys and while a few kept of his other stepbrother, Nick got chased for a few blocks and when they caught up to him they stabbed him to death.16 years old... It made me think about the time I was that age. Graduation from highschool, going to college, getting a room of my own. More freedom, more fun, more pain, more stress and most importantly, more time. Alot of things, alot of feelings, all of which Nick will never get the chance to experience..Even though it took a toll on me, my mom and stepfather were completely broken. My mother couldn't stop crying, my stepfather was just staring in front of him, without any emotion, like an empty shell.. On top of having to arrange their own (step)sons funeral, which is something no parent should ever have to do, they were in the middle of a real life crime serie. Police investigations, Journalists never leaving them alone, eveywhere they went people coming up to them, trying to help them in their pain and feeling sorry for them.After Nick his cremation and a strong and emotional silence march, they now finally have some rest. They will however not get that rest for now in their hometown since everywhere they go people still come up to them, the place where Nick got stabbed still there, surrounded by a sea of flowers.This is why I decided I want to send my mother and stepfather on a vacation, somewhere where it is just the 2 of them. So they can get some rest, but also in the hope that they can finally smile and experience some fun again.I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this, who is moved by this story and is able to help me with however small an amount will do so! Thank you so much in advance and I really hope I can send my mom and stepdad on a well deserved vacation!Nino DijkstraHelp spread the word!