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Berke Arıl


, Turkije

Hello my dearest donor, I am a university student and studying under the very hard conditions. My family’s financial condition is not really good. Please don’t underestimate your donation (it can be even €1 which is important for me), I do not sincerely pile on the agony; I am just asking for your help not investment.

I am college student and everyday I am trying to improve myself. I am studying on some projects to be an entrepreneur but my budget is insufficient to make it happen, I am using my imagination to write books&stories, and I am trying to improve my language skills to be more effective and active in the international area. I am an enthusiastic person but always I am stuck at the end because of my condition. However, I believe you are here for creating the beauty and you are special because you have a chance to change the one’s world. Also, I want to say it sincerely I don’t pile on the agony, this is not investment this is like scholarship I am just asking for your help. Please don’t underestimate your donation it can be even €1 it is up to your beautiful heart. <3

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