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TdN Menno Running for Charity

This year I celebrate my 10th Tenue de Nîmes anniversary and I felt there is no better way to start my anniversary, than with gratitude and charity. I hope you can help me support a very special project in Jakarta that I personally endorse with a run for charity. Meet my dear friend Nel de Borst, a 70 year old power woman who emigrated back to Indonesia after her retirement to become the Director of orphanage ‘Pa van der Steur’ in Jakarta. Unfortunately her life’s work becomes more challenging every day. That's why we decided to help! It is Nel’s biggest wish to provide her kids with some new computers in order to guide them towards a happy and successful study career. Tenue de Nîmes will help this wonderful lady to succeed! Will you help me too? I am running the 42km ‘Mad Trail’ in the French Alps with a friend on July 15th. If you want to support me please do so via this WHY DONATE campaign. Please know that even small donations make a huge change!


Game on! Will you support me?