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The Mala project


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Dear all, We are Amber, Hibbe and Merel from the Technical University of Delft and from November till January we will be working on our research project in The Gambia. Our task as project Mala, which means 'to light', is to light up the path of young entrepreneurs in The Gambia. Students who just graduated in the Gambia have trouble finding a job, or starting their own business, this is where want to help. We will conduct an extensive research while identifying all important stakeholders to see what the exact cause is of the lack of entrepreneurial initiatives, this will contribute to the academic research in the Gambia. In addition we will set-up a workshop focussed on improving these entrepreneurial skills. Through working closely with existing skill-centres and the teachers at these centres we hope to establish a long-term, sustainable contribution to enlighten the entrepreneurial spirit in the Gambia. To provide the students with a real chance we would like to help them start a business at the end of our workshop. Through micro-finance we would like to provide the talented students with a small starting capital. In addition, since the focus will be on students in the textile educational sector, we would like to donate them a sewing machine, which possibly is the start of a life-sustaining income. This is where we would like your help, by donating a small amount 

 small contributions will help to make our project a success, and help students in the Gambia to start their own business and possibly change the course of their lives. Feel free to visit our website and read our weekly blog for more information!