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Since the year 2000, The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration (THP) has worked to bring together diverse stakeholders to seek solutions to migration and refugee challenges. With the world in the midst of a convergence of crises, the work of THP is more relevant than ever. We focus on mid-term and long term solutions for migrants through collaborations with relevant stakeholders. In order to continue working on our increasing areas of activity, we invite you to make a financial contribution to THP. Your donation will allow THP to: * Continue our work in facilitating globally coordinated initiatives in the field of migration, with a focus on protecting human rights of migrants through policy development. *Facilitate in the formation of practical solutions for migrants through collaborations with local city government, the private sector, national government, academia and other relevant stakeholders. *Conduct research on issues related to the welfare of migrants. Please Note: > Your donation to THP does not provide direct humanitarian relief to refugees or migrants and your donation will not be used for these purposes. You can read more about our Mission, Vision and Activities o our website. > Your contribution can be kept anonymous and will not be shared with our partners. > If you are based in the Netherlands, your donation may be tax-deductible due to THP’s ANBI status.