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WHO ARE THE FUND BENEFICIAL The global 2 local action of SG2030ACTION4RIGHTS initiative community-based fundraising drives, is to introduce the bold collectives social work effort through the local partnership action capacity engagement by moving forward to develop for a community-based human rights foundation funds. Moreover, the Global 2 Local Action fundraising drives are to generate as the alternative remedies that had provided the unlocked resources avenue to further developed for the broader community-building capacity. Furthermore, based on the lack of potential local funders or donors to integrate as part the long-term funders in enables for us to sustained and develop fully through each of the civil society and Independent NGO diverse community program or services. By going out to promotes the fundraising drive through the participation among our local public society, individual activist or human rights defender, community leader, youth leader, civil society and NGO movement or organisation as well as the local government and business corporates.