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on the 15th of February, a group of my class mates and I will be going to Thailand, specifically a small town called Khura Buri. My self and the group will be staying there for 10 days. In those 10 days we will be visiting a local school and many Thailand children that are in need. During this visit, we will be helping them in a variety of ways, including teaching them english and building a garden for them. In order to further help them in their future, we, as a school, decided that each member going to this trip should raise 200 euros at least. In order to reach this goal, i have decided to do a sponsor swim. In this sponsor swim, i will be swimming for 5K and would like some of you guys, who are kind enough to donate money for this good cause, to sponsor me through this swim. All the money donated will go to the children in need in thailand, in order to improve their living conditions and prepare them for a better future.