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Bangladesh is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in its history. The United Nations estimates that more than 600,000 Rohingyas have been forced to flee from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh in the last 2 months, making it almost impossible for the Government, NGOs, or local communities to arrange essential shelter, food and water, medicine, sanitation, and clothes for the refugees who arrived with nothing. According to the United Nations, the humanitarian crisis is “one of the fastest growing refugee crises of recent years”.

Friendship has started operating in 5 camps as from October 2nd, inhabited by around 350.000 people, in close cooperation with the authorities and other partners/NGO’s. Friendship is providing emergency and basic medical care, delivery and pre natal care care, clean water and protection for women and children.

Please donate to Friendship for these essential humanitarian activities.

• 10 euro will will provide a personal hygiene kit (soaps, shampoos, comb, detergents, antiseptic, etc.)

• 25 euro will ensure a safe delivery for a pregnant mother.

• 50 euro will provide access to clean water for an entire Rohingya family.

• 100 euro will provide primary healthcare services for 30 people at the basic clinics.

• 400 euro will create a sanitation solution for an entire group of 60 people.

For more information: https://friendship.ngo/rohingya/