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Dear people,

Like many of you might know, Lombok was hit by an enormous M7 earthquake. There have already been more than 500 after quakes among also a 6.4 and yet again a 7.0. The death toll is already 387 and still rising, as with the 13.000 wounded people and more than 220.000 that lost their homes and actually... their everything. 

This is very important to me as this is the country I fell in love with. I love the culture, nature, the people, everything it has to offer. In addition, I felt the earthquakes myself and I was afraid, very afraid. While I was about 170 kilometers from the epicenter. I can not imagine what people must have felt there.

Running outside, without any balance, since everything is shaking. Hoping that you and your loved ones will make it before your complete house collapses. Can you imagine? That your house collapses before your eyes? Total in ruins? And no, there are no insurances here. These people have lost everything, seriously.

We don't ask for much, just a small contribution is more than enough.

I'll give updates and thank you so much in advance <3