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Syma for Cuba


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Dear people,

please take a moment to support the people of Cuba.

I have experienced, first hand , the warmth, love and hopspitality , of this country, particularly it's people.

Everyone is probaly already familiar with these Cuban traits, that is undisputed.

Unfortunatley, the people are suffering under a dictatorial regime.

Average men have to work extremely hard every day for a meager existence.

Basic care, and food is scarce.

For quite some time, i have been working at my own expence, to bring clothing ,and hygiene items to the people.

I also arrange necessary school materials and toys for the local children.

Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more complicated and the people placed under additional burden by the Cuban regime, who attempt to retain control.

Especially now that America is working to strengthen international relations with Cuba, the gap between rich and poor is rapidly growing.

I would like continue my support, as i see the benefits are substantial.

However,  the costs are higu and it has become impossible for me to continue alone.

I therefore ask for your help in making a donation.

Every little bit helps, and your donation will be channeled to were is is most needed.

I will keep everyone informed as to the benefits of their charitable donations.

If you are not in a position to donate, i ask you to share this message as much as possible.

On behalf of the Cuban folk benefitting from your generosity thank you heartily.