Supporting Can TierrAquilla Ibiza

Supporting Can TierrAquilla Ibiza


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Dear friends,

With upmost delight I can say my dream came true.After years of searching waiting praying , leaving the Island of Ibiza but getting back to it again because life showed me I had to be there.

The Healing House is Born.

Can TierrAquilla is the name.

Named after an eagle hanging 10 meters above the place at the moment I was doubting to step in… Well life showed me the way and I stepped in with my last money, and some help from very good friends!

Let me introduce Can TierrAquilla to you :

Can TierraAquilla is an 80.000 m2 domain in the North of Ibiza.The land consists two buildings one finca and smaller casita.The land is open and surrounded by forest and beautifull nature, you can experience total silence and at night you will be able to see the milkyway.

The goal of Can TierrAquilla is to get of the grid whitch means. To be sustainable in body , mind and matter.

To run the Finca on Solar Energy .The finca needs a 8KW power system                  Euro 11.000

Water winning Aquafier (extracting water from the air )                                              Euro 2.000

By buying this machine which runs on solar energy we will be free from buying drinking water in plastic.Plastic is a major problem world wide let’s change this.

To feed the people from the land, (will take time) Euro 1000- 3000

Build a medicinal garden.                                           Euro 1000 - 2500

Xtra’s                                                                               Euro 2500

The place will be an energy source for people from all over the world.A place to be in nature, where people meet for inspiration, sharing, healing and celebration.To inspire and elevate each other with love tools and creativity to bring the best out of each other and spread it out across the globe!


But to start and to build up the healing house I need Some help and that’s why I started this crowdfunding.

What I give back if you support The healinghouse TierrAquilla

1. Just donate for the love of it to support Tom and the Healing House € 25 or what you feel like.

2. Private session in the nature of TierrAquilla or Amsterdam ( normal € 65,-) now                                     €50,-

3. 10 breath sessions ( normal price 650) with discount now                                                                            € 500,-

4. 1 week breath retreat at Can TierrAquilla ( normal € 850) in shared double room.                                  € 700,-

Check website for info                                                                                           

5. 3 day stay in the Casita for 4/6 persons (when ? In negotiation with Tom )                                                 € 750,-

6. 1 week staying in the Casita of Can TierrAquilla for 4/6 persons .

exchangeable from 15 aug to 30 aug 2018 autumn holiday 2018 or in negotiation with Tom.                   €1500 ,-

Hope you feel inspired and like to particapate this great project.

 Love, Tom