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"Hello, my name is Zawawy Mu. I'm an Egyptian dentist and have been working on public health in civil society In Cairo and have been a member of Tahrir field hospitals during the revolution in 2011 and the following events. I have been awarded two scholarships to study a master in public health at the VU Amsterdam. Currently I'm finishing my thesis on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of refugees. I want to combine this with doing volunteering work for refugees on Samos Island with the Boat Refugee foundation until my graduation in January.I hope I can offer help for refugees in all possible ways during my stay in Samos.However, I cannot finance this trip on my own. Therefore, I hope those who are willing to help refugees but are not able to physically support them, would be able to finance my volunteering work. Your contribution will cover airline ticket and transportation, housing and basic living expenses for 3 weeks.

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