Support LGBT in Philippines

i am an activist supporting the LGBT community, aiming to raise campaign funds to support and assist LGBT people who get discrimination and less humane treatment.


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couput benavides jose rafel


Unterschleißheim, Germany

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LGBT rights in philippines.

The Philippine socialist period was made into a strange (general term for all LGBTI + identities) crime and mental disorders. The attitude of those times was still very dangerous and spilled in systematic discrimination against strange people in all areas of life, with many cases of hate crimes being handled by the community regularly. The LGBT Center, the first and only LGBTI human rights organization in the Philippines, has been championed since 2010 for a hate crime rule, and got it: now it is a crime to discriminate against people on the basis of  their sexual orientation and gender identity, with strict hatred f effective crime rules August 1, 2017. But the mere existence of law does  not guarantee regular automatic elimination: this is only the beginning, and public information and advocacy remain key. 

My name is jose rafael and I am a big supporter of the LGBT community in the Philippines in particular, I am very critical of the actions obtained by the LGBT community in the Philippines. I am trying to raise funds for this campaign to be dedicated to the LGBT communities in the Philippines, especially those who have received a lot of violence and discrimination against the surrounding community which will later be given to LGBT centers in the Philippines.

I hope there will be no discrimination against the LGBT community there and they will get the right of equality as humans in general.