SUMMA Symposium 2017

Fountain of Youth


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SUMMA Symposium 2017


Netherlands, Netherlands

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The SUMMA Symposium is a medical-scientific symposium organised by students of the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) programme at Utrecht University. This year's theme will be "Fountain of Youth’  and will take place on June 20th 2017, hosted at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. The aim of this annual symposium is for medicalstudents, but also researchers and medical specialists, to discuss current medicalissues and developments. This year, we wish to cover the topic of senescence,or more specifically, the biological process of aging and the therapeutics todelay, arrest, or even reverse it. How can aging be postponed and life extendedwith regard to nutrition and diet, medication, regenerative medicine, andchallenges like age-related diseases? We would also like to discuss the ethicalpart to this scientific perspective on senescence. What would life extension oreven immortality mean to humanity? Should aging be prevented, or treated, inthe first place? Should aging be declared as a disease? Is life still valuableif it is (nearly) infinite?