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Stichting Spring Youth


Maastricht, Nederland

Stichting Spring Youth is a charity foundation aimed at financing education of underprivileged talented youth and cultural exchange between the East and West. As a means to finance education we organise concerts and other crowdfunding events.

The exponential pace of technological developments in the 21st century supports us in finding solutions to social challenges such as climate change and inequality within and across countries. These social issues concern us globally, which is why we suggest dealing with them at a global level. This realisation is something that is becoming more prevalent by the second. However, to truly promote global cooperation and foster the creation of global solutions, we would have to narrow down the education gap across the globe. One of the obstacles that stands in the way of this currently: the unequal access to education. ✏️

Through an increased level and capacity of global education we aim to facilitate and fostering global solutions. There is currently so much untapped potential around the world, so many bright young minds who do not have the possibility to succeed the same way people in the Western world do with access to top-class educational institutions.

We developed a system to identify and categorise these talents in target countries. A crowdfunding platform presents individual talents to interested sponsors to create a personal link between sponsors and talents. We assure accountability of the impact investing and directly collaborate with educational institutions to provide our talents with the most adequate education.

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