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Rico -Jay has a dolicho-megacolon and ileostomy. Despite the ileostomy the complaints of intermittent abdominal pain in combination with swollen abdomen persisted as well as that he's always tired and gets high fever from nothing. He would love to be helped by Children's Hospital Boston , because the doctors in Holland think he's too complicated inside. Rico is the 30th patient in 20 years, with an ileostomy has been due to a dolichocolon which is still in his body. He also has the metabolic disease Alpha - 1 antitrypsin deficiency which makes getting fatter despite his diet. Recently, there is a diagnosis arrived at Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a rare disorder of connective tissue. Rico -Jay just wants to be a normal child of his age and may finally get rid of his abdominal pain and prefers to get rid of his ileostomy. Rico Jay asks every day if there is enough money for Boston , every time as he ended up in the hospital, no one is doing anything to help him because they simply do not know. He is too young to have the life of a sick old man despite being the clown of the family. Rico-Jay and his family ( 2 brothers & 1 sister) don't have the money to pay the first estimate and there will be needed more for final treatment so please, make a difference and give Rico-Jay a better life! He, and his family, will be a lifelong grateful for your donation! Look at his facebook diary or the foundation site