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Help us help 50 families back to their homes


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Imagine If...

Your house was on fire. What would be the first thing you'd save? This was the question 15,000 people asked themselves in Imizamo Yethu township, South Africa, last month as the fire rapidly spread through their community.

Help Us Help Them

Help us to give these families a cleancook stove fire pack to support them back to their homes and to prevent future accidents. The stoves also reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted, these are bad for the users' health and for the environment. The organisation Clean Cooking Revolution are offering the stoves at cost price. What is it?The clean cookstove Fire Victim Pack includes:
one Clean Cookstove 
a solar panel
20 kg wood pellets (for one month)
a user manual
and costs ONLY € 23.32

Who are we? 

We are a group of students from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Supported by the SSU Foundation we will be visiting Cape Town on an Innovation Study Tour where we are meeting social entrepreneurs and start-ups. 
We want to create a lasting legacy from our short stay and help further the work of the Clean Cooking Revolution, an organisation we will visit on the tour.
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