September 17th, May's day

September 17th, May's day


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Dear reader, This request will reward the supporter The support of this fundraiser will be used to buy a flight ticket,which does not really sound as an attractive donate request in the first place Well, let me try to burst that initial bubble of a firm no! On August 27th I set foot in Canada to start off my exchange. Today many people go abroad while studying and we all know that moment of being high on life, living on ecstasy. We find and discover friends, adventures and love. And so did I. Early on my adventure I found a gem too, Mayuri, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the remaining year with her. After my exchanged I managed to get an internship at a Canadian company so I could extent my stay. But we both knew, that there would be a deadline and time caught up. I had to leave for home. I do not want to write emphasize on everything I cherrished from that time, rather focus on the thing I regret most. therefor I'm speeding up to the part why I request for your support. More than two months ago I arrived back home, and slowly but surely I become more and more aware that I do not want to throw this away so easily. On September 17th, it's Mayuri's birthday and I am going to be there to let her know. I will be dressed in disguise, while performing an act on her birthday, where I ultimately revealing myself. I do not wish to inform you completely about the approach, but rather provide you with the recorded results of the trip and event at September 17th. Therefor the whole trip will be recorded and if desired by the supporters, it will be shared. As a 4th year student I lack the ability to finance such a trip, hence my request for your aid. I truly hope some of you will be able to support me in this endeavour, I will be truly thankful. Thomas PS: If you would like some more information in order to help you decide whether not to donate, feel free to contact me via