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improve the lives of the poorest Sri Lankan kids


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Primary Schools in central Sri Lanka

Many children in the rural areas of central Sri Lanka can't go to school. Simply because the parents don't have enough money to buy school supplies. Most mothers take care of the household, while most fathers work as a rubber tapper. Sadly the volume of rubber that can be tapped from a rubber tree depends heavily on the weather. It's a hard business. The parents do not earn enough money to buy school supplies for their children.

As a result many children aren't able to go to primary school. School principals helplessly watch the number of students reduce, till the government decides to permanently close down these schools. This leaves the children with no education, thus less prospects of a bright future.

Kinigama Primary School

Even though it's the only primary school in the area, Kinigama Primary School was once nominated to be closed down. Thanks to the intervention from our Sri Lankan partner Futurecare the school is still open and now flourishing. Futurecare has renovated the school, including playground. A few children from surrounding villages have been provided with school supplies for some years now.

Our Mission

We aim to give all children in the area the possibility to go to school. At the moment we support 22 children with their educational path and we will also help 16 new children that start in the first grade. We will provide them with school supplies, like notebooks, pens, pencils, workbooks, writing means, and maths gear. Moreover, we supply them with good shoes, school uniforms and backpacks. And the best thing is each child can be provided with their primary school needs for just €50 per child a year!

Watch a slideshow of the project:

Buying and packing the goods

Our Sri Lankan partner Futurecare handles all local operational activities. As locals, Ramani Smits and Sameera Bandara have good negotiating skills and can get the supplies at bottom prices. After buying all the schoolsupplies it is time to start packing. Every child gets their own uniform, and shoes, so the packing has to be well organized. 

Supplying the goods to the kids

The school organizes a special day for supplying school supplies to boost morale. The principals and teachers give presentations and the parents get extra motivation to come to school more often. The children perform a dance, song, or play and are enjoying themselves. They receive the school supplies directly at the ceremony. That creates much needed social control. The children and the school are more motivated, and also the parents get an extra boost. 

We keep you in the loop

All sponsors will be provided with more detailed project specifics and updates. We value your involvement and thank you for making our endeavor possible. The children are ever so thankful for being able to go to school, while the school principals see the quality and the results of their schools improve. They see the morale of the villagers and the children rise to new heights. We want you to be part of that change. To see that you are making a difference. That's why we pride ourselves in keeping you in the loop at all times.


We aim to be transparant. That's why we share our internal affairs with the public. Even our actual action list is embedded in our website :) We believe that sharing the content of our finances, projects and meetings opens the door to mutual trust. We don't have paid staff. We are all volunteers. The full amount of this campaign goes to the children.