SCHOOLS FOR INDIA - Freedom through Education Program

SCHOOLS FOR INDIA - Freedom through Education Program


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SCHOOLS FOR INDIA - Freedom through Education Program


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Freedom Through Education

Every child deserves education.

We (Tim, Darryl, Rick and Julian) are three students from the Nyenrode New Business School in Amsterdam working on a fundraising project for the Round Table India.

The Round Table India is an organisation that raises funds to build schools in India for those who are derived of education.

The amount we raise as students will be quadrupled by the Round table and their other sponsors

so if you donate 10 euros, you're actually donating 40 euros !

All raised funds will be spend to build more schools throughout India.  

We are eager to help these children. Without education so many opportunities for children to live a decent life are lost.

We are blessed to have been born here and have excess to education, now it is our turn, to help those wo aren't.

Donate today and help give countless of Indian children a chance of a bright future !

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