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Help us to save Casa Millan, an historical house that is about to collapse in de middle of a small village in de Spanish Pyrenees. This village was abandoned for twenty years until it was rehabited in 1996. Today the infrastructure and almost all houses are recovered, except for Casa Millan, because of confusion about proprietorship. We, a group of individuals from different countrys, rehabitated an abandonned tiny village in the Spanish Catalan Pyrenees since 1996. While other villages collapsed, we managed to save our village and today over 50 people are the lucky inhabitants. However, the most caracteristic big old house, known as casa Millan, is still in danger. It is in front of the church, in the centre of our village. When it comes down it would also damage the recently restored church of San Martin, leaving a big, ugly hole in the main street. Last winter a part of the roof collapsed giving way to the rain and wind, weakening the stone and mud walls. Each month the house is closer to its collapse, so it is very important to act now and renovate the roof before winter. The presumed owner disappeared years ago and papers are missing. A group of volunteers want to reconstruct the roof during the first week of October. Many other things have to be done after that to make it habitable but at least we can make sure it’s dry and save from collapse. We would like this house to get a communal function. We will work together, keeping the costs as low as possible, re-using some of the old materials and restrict ourselves to do only the things that prevent the house from collapsing. Still, we need funds for construction materials. Help us to realize this project and in exchange we will offer you a special experience in the village. Depending on your contribution you can do a workshop to make goat cheese, stay in the beautifull loft or gypsy wagon, or get one of the other surprises the village has to offer.