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Robotics Team Pi


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Team PI is a New Robotics team in the Netherlands full of enthusiastic and motivated students. Last year Team Pi was founded and this year we want to take part in the FIRST Robotics Competition in America. FIRST is a non-profit organisation that stands for inspiring the youth for technology and science. As Team Pi we like to bring this vision to the Netherlands and inspire young people here too. That's why besides us Fontys students we also get help from high school students. They will not only get to learn about robotics but also about team work. This project will give them alot of new life experiences and an enjoyable time working on such a comlex project. To accomplish this we need a large sum of money. Because to participate in the competition itself we need to pay 6000,- euro as registration fee. The hole project itself will cost around 12.500,- euro's. That's why we need your help. With just a few euros of donation we could come a long way with helping inspiring the youth. Thank you very much in advanced.