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Robert Schoonenberg


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Hello everyone,My name is Robert Schoonenberg, born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland and already living for 20 years in Capelle aan den Ijssel together with my wife and two teenage daughters Zoë and Loïse. I’m 49 years old, always been very busy with sport and (luckely) still at work.I played football since 6 years old, but around the year 2000 I noticed my feet felt different while exercising. Well, after worsening and more complaints it appeared that I had Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. In july 2004 I was diagnosed.In 2008 I became familiar with a wheelchair, since 2011 I can’t do without it anymore. With adjustments in our house living is acceptable, but for how long? In Holland there is no medical solution for me, nothing can stop me from further decline.Stemcell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis is used for many years outside Holland, for 84% of treated patients the disease is stopped. However, the treatment costs money, a lot of money, not covered by health insurance.This stemcell therapy is my only option to stabilize my current situation and if I’m lucky I will see some improvements in my complaints.