The essence of collective intent, is your consent


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We,at Road2Utopia, emphasises the quality of all life. 

Together we did research to find out what honestly is needed to purify our races intent. To reinvent and upgrade humanities status quo into a more durable, healthier and non-destructive manner of living.  

On our road to such an ideal Utopian environment we came to understand the predicament humanity is in.  Why the perspectives of many great philosophers of old are now aspects to what we on Road2Utopia came to understand. Why their philosophies is not irrelevant and proven to be incomplete and what the real reason is behind their theorems.

Paving and thus creating such a road we need your precious consent, only together we will reach the destination we all seek. We need your support to solve our question on why humanity shows so many destructive symptoms and why it’s well on its way to self-destruct. We want to show this multi layered problem and depict it from all aspects to show you and guide you towards what we honestly feel is the healthiest state of being. 

At least 8 years of great care and investment is put into this multi-disciplined topic by our team. We ask you to aid us on our quest so we can work fulltime on finding information. A bare minimum income will give us the liberty to work fulltime on this last and crucial phase of our heartfelt project. We will obviously be transparent when it comes to income and all that we spend. The remainder of the funds will be used for a later phase which is the production of a book. Our work in this phase will result in proof which we then can use for the next phase which results in an E-book and/or a batch of hard-copy books that are free for the world to read. Your unique support will be shows as one of the many tiles on the books wrapper symbolizing the true power of this movement. Together, we are the road and your consent/support is one of the many tiles making it. Also your name will be shown in alphabetic order in the special thanks chapter that paved the road to this product that we created together.

The time window we require to finish our last phase of researches will be around 3 months, we will keep you up to date on the website to come where you can follow our work.
We are working on our domain name and design.

See and if you will share our non-profit video’s on YouTube to get a glimpse of who, 'R2U' is. 

We thank you for taking the interest in our work and with kind regards,