Riding for better vision in Oloonkolin, Kenya

Riding for better vision in Oloonkolin, Kenya


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Riding for better vision in Oloonkolin, Kenya


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Inspired by the stories of my wife about her colleague's experiences in Oloonkolin, Kenya, I decided to help out. For several years my wife and I have been talking about joining a project like this, so when we heard about this important mission in the town of Oloonkolin in Kenya, we decided to go together. Oloonkolin is located in the region of TransMara, and has appr. 4,000 inhabitants and is extremely poor. I have over 20 years of experience in refraction, slit lamp examination and contactlens fitting. The last 10 years I have spent assisting in cataract surgeries. A cataract surgery in Oloonkolin costs 75 euros. At this time, there are 70 people awaiting surgery. To make the next mission happen, we need your financial support. On September 17th, I will join a fundraising bike tour to help raise money for the next mission. Please help out and donate!