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Raising money to quear my bowl cancer

.Need to raise money for medical cost to quear my bowl cancer, For my operation Please donate, all dontats are being used to put towards my upcoming operation i need to havesoon
  1. Needing to raise funds befor the 20/05 for my medical bills that I need to raise be for that date or I'll be on a 5 year waiting list if I go on the public waiting list to see a Dr /specialist about my bowl cancer ♋.
  2. That ive recently only just got diganozed an its a shocking illness and I need to get my operation on the way to get it done next month or it'll leave me seriously unwell an unable to be an active person
  3. As for starters its making me feel very unwell an is making me sick as I'm currently losing a lot of blood threw my bowls an its making me feel very off with headaches and a lot of days I'm left laying in bed a lot without get out cause every time I get up or need to stand to get up it leaves me with massive dizziness an unable to move from a to b most the time
  4. I can't do things like I'd normally do as I'm really lethargic an drown from lossing massive amounts of blood threw my bowls contact me via my email / phone number
  5. P.s no phone calls allowed as I'm currently in hospital at the moment and have been for quite sometime over the last couple of months since ive found out I have bowl cancer an I'm unable to get calls so please don't ring my number all text an email are fully welcome to contact to see how I'm traveling an to see if ice recovered from the evil cancer that has dicided to attack me and take over my bowls aN make me suffer from a lot of pain an unable to live my dayly life doing the things I once woke up to do an I hater look forward to rising in the morning to now just wanna get well an be able to fund for my specialist appointments an my operation thats upcoming next month or I'll be on a 5year waiting list if I have to go threw the public hospital so I need to raise the funds to cover all medical cost that I currently have to have be for I start to see the drs about my upcoming op witch needs to paid for and fully under private hospital medical help
  6. But I don't have the family and friends network to be able to raise the funds for my operation and my specialist appointments that I have to find funding for so any donations are welcome they all add up if anyone is able to and willing to make donations to fund for my medical fees that I currently needing to cover be for I get to even see a specialist about getting my op I hope people will be able to help me fundraise an raise the money to become well again and live a happy , healthy life style like I once did live but no longer do from this evil disease attacking my body overcoming my hole bowl that I'm needing to be taken out in the name of jesus and hope all medical sessions an hopefully when I have my op I'll be queared from all diseases an they will no longer be taken over my hole bowl I hope to recover lets say I'm really unwell an just live my days in hospital waiting to raise money to be able to get my op underway so it is just a waiting game an hoping to savive waiting for my op date
  7. If everything goes to plan my op will be ready to get late next month but if not I'm on a waiting list for 5years until I can get into the public system to get the op done and they only given me 6years of life time left to how sevear my case is an how bad my bowls are taking over my bowl system so I need to think about finding people willing able to help with donations to quear my bowl cancer ♋
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