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Raise funds for an urgent operation

raise funds for my grandfather's operation, since he has a fractured spine and because of that, his vertebrae are oppressing his spinal cord and this is causing him the loss of mobility of his limbs, so he has to be operated

My grandfather Roberto González was diagnosed with loss of mobility of his limbs last month:

From then on it is very difficult for him to maintain the mobility of his feet and hands and walking is impossible since he falls. The outlook for my grandfather Roberto is bad: his condition is deteriorating even more and the doctors say that he urgently needs an operation since it may be invalid.

 We managed to make an appointment for your operation! But this costs 3,000 euros. This is not reimbursed by the health insurer.

The month of September 2020! My grandfather was Programed to spinal surgery in such a way that I still cannot get together for his operation and in this way my grandfather's operation can be very risky. my grandfather Roberto has that unique opportunity to be able to have mobility again in his extremities, and in this way to stop the debilitating disease that worsens it day by day.

Are you helping to give Roberto a future again?

Thank you for your support, on behalf of my grandfather Roberto and Familia!

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