Provide Skills for Malawian Unemployed Youth

A World Bank study found that close to 60 percent of Malawian youth are unemployed; this is the case in Mchinji project area. That is why a Vocational Training Center (VTC) should be established in order for youths to learn skills that would increase their chances of gaining employment.


Created by :

CISE Malawi


Mchinji, Malawi

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$10 Covers the cost of a tutor for 1 session

$25 Provides internet connection for a month for 300 students

$50 Provides handouts for 135 students for 6 months for the computer skills course

$75 Provides handouts for 100 students for a whole year for the English course

$100 Provides stationary for 300 students for a whole year

$ 250 Buys yarns, needles, scissors, patterns, patchwork and fabric for sewing workshop students for six months

$350 Covers the cost of 4 months of salary for tutors

$500 Provides a whole year of free classes for 8 disadvantaged youth


The unemployment rate in Mchinji for youths aged 16 to 24 is over 80%. The greatest challenges to gaining employment in this area are lack of skills and a lack of access to employment opportunities.

The Vocational Training Center will be designed to enable more than 300 youths per year to learn valuable skills that will increase their chances of gaining employment in a highly competitive job market.


The VTC will be offering 5 courses including English, Computer Skills, Sewing Classes and Job Seeking Skills Workshops. So, students graduating from  the VTC will be obtaining a nationally recognized certificate, assuring them to stand out in the labor market due to their acquired skills.

Long-Term Impact

Our hope is that by offering skills training, more and more disadvantaged youths will find employment and break the cycle of poverty.