Professional Women Empowerment

Fight Like a Woman is a not-for-profit Dutch registered organization that aims to create awareness of gender diversity & equality at the workspace.


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Fight Like a Woman


Eindhoven, Netherlands

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What is Stichting Fight Like a Woman?

Stichting Fight Like a Woman is a not-for-profit Dutch registered organisation that provides solution to bridge the gap between former experienced professionals – for whom a return to the workplace can seem practically impossible and personally intimidating after a long break – and companies who want to increase diversity among their staff and access the hidden pockets of highly qualified, experienced and motivated professionals who offer maturity and stability. 

What are we going to do next?


"Sisterhood is all about sharing with each other and by doing so being empowered. Let's get ready because we have what it takes! Now, more than ever, there's a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity. Stichting Fight Like a Woman is proud to announce that with the support of Greenhouse Group, we are hosting an event on 28-May-2019 to celebrate, gather, unite & move forward together."

What we would like to ask for donation?

A donation  for Sisterhood movement video production. (total €1.000)