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Help animals !

This year’s fires were the deadliest of the decade. Too many lives were lost unnecessarily, as people, pets, strays and wild animals were trapped in fields, houses and cars with no way out. These are some of the animals that survived the fires. Most of them are strays, that were rescued by volunteers. As everywhere in Greece, the strays in the afflicted areas were many. The ones that were not injured remained in their neighborhoods, and are being taken care of by the people there. Strays that were injured, were transferred to clinics, with burned paws, burned furs and in shock. After their recovery they will be looking for their forever home. Many pet dogs and cat lost their lives too. Some were lost during the mayhem and were caught in the fire, others were left locked inside yards while their owners fled to save themselves. Many are still missing. Animals have been rescued by civilians, charities and volunteers. Many vet clinics have opened their doors and are treating them for free but medicines are so expensive and we want to help them!


help animals