Passion care community project

Orphanage and skills development center school construction


Created by :

Niwomwesigwa Gidion


Kabale, Uganda

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We are a registered Community based organization No 2405776 found in bufundi kabale Uganda. Our project is basically aimed at working with orphans, needy children widows and poor families to do the following: - Starting a school from nusury to primary level for orphans and needy children. - Starting a skills development centre class example of hand Crafts and other hand works for both young and old. - To teach and educate the young and old the agricultural skills that can create their well being of tomorrow. - Teaching women about family planning and the harm brought by AIDS. This area is experienced with a lot of people drowning leading orphaned families, men resorting to alcohol hence being irresponsible in their families. This means women are now left with the responsibility of care in their families. NB: The project is their to receive and create more ideologies that can help and benefit the community and other communities around.