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Orphaned children


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After the terrible earthquake that occurred in Ecuador, habitants try to move forward, they try to help each other with the little they have. Thousands of schools and health facilities had to be rebuilt.

Whenever a disasterstrikes children are the most vulnerable, children were left scared and without the proper health care and resources to help them, families still remain without a proper home, many orphaned children’s still haven’t  proper health care and home.

In Los Bajos del Pechiche near Montecristi (the city of Hat) and near Manta I decided to build a place for orphaned children who lost their families; so far I have spent my savings, due to the earthquake there are new measures of constructions, so construction materials prices have gone up :( .

This project is longterm project  and destined for about 20 to 25 children and two families between 8 and 10 adults,  we work hard to raise and offer a home full of love,understanding and affection to  provide urgent help to children and families directly impacted by the disaster

This includes orphaned children those who have lost their homes and families, especially the people away from the city  (Children aged between 4 months till 18 / 19 years) Build* House with rooms* Water facilities* Toilet/ showers * Playground, gamesroom,* Buy beds, furniture,clothes, toys, school uniforms / books/ college and all needs a home for children /

We need your help urgently we need to act straight away,  Please we ask your support from the bottom of our heart.  (We will keep you informed of developments) As  this project will be funded on donations basis; we will keep  2 rooms available for people who donate and help us, so they (you) can come and see with their (your)own eyes what was done and to share with us/ and locals

Thank you so much Godbless you every day forever.