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Oncologie. Testiculaire kanker stadium 3.

Hello. My name is Seva. I am 23 years old. Back in 2019, I was a sailor who went on the second voyage in my life. I didn’t suspect anything until at the 7th month of the contract I began to feel bad and my body temperature began to rise above 40 degrees, and then the lymph nodes in my neck swelled. Then we were in Tunisia and I was urgently taken to the doctor. He told me to urgently go home and the next day I was already on a plane to Ukraine. At home, I underwent an examination and was told that I had stage 3 testicular cancer with metastases.

From that moment on, a different life began for me. I underwent surgery, took a piece of the tumor for histology and then I underwent 12 chemotherapy. A year later, we went for a consultation in another city, we were told to do a histology revision. It turned out that I have three types of tumor together, which makes it difficult. And at the very beginning, before the treatment, I was simply told that I had one type of tumor. It turned out that I was treated for a year, and chemotherapy did not treat me, but simply contained the disease, but then it stopped altogether and progression began.

We turned to doctors in Israel for help. They consulted us online, we sent them my analyzes and the last examination. Since we have no money. We call them and speak online. They prescribed treatment for me, but I am going through it in Ukraine, because unfortunately we have no money to fly to Israel. While we were doing all the procedures and analyzes, I got worse, because the metastasis went to attack my two vertebrae. My legs were taken away and I still cannot walk. We were told that we need to do radiation on this part of the spine so that I can walk again. We are now looking for a clinic and a doctor who will agree to do this. I also underwent two chemotherapy treatments that I was prescribed in Israel.

And I will have to do a new examination soon. This is my story. Now you know everything about me. I really hope that there are kind people in this world who are ready to help me. My family can no longer pay for the treatment itself. Our money has run out. I wish each of you good health! I love life and want to fight for it!

Hallo. Mijn naam is Seva. Iets meer dan een jaar geleden veranderde mijn leven dramatisch. Bij mij werd kanker vastgesteld. Ik heb je hulp nodig. We hebben niet genoeg geld voor behandeling. Nu kan ik niet lopen omdat de uitzaaiing mijn wervel heeft geraakt, maar ik hoop dat ik de ziekte kan overwinnen en weer gezond kan worden.
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