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Dear Donar, Myself Aman jain and we are trying to build a business which will give employment to 50 unliterate rural women so that become independent but our saving are not enough for this cause So we need 900€ to start this project I request you to donate as much as you can Thankyou in advance

 In Urban area where women literacy is 73% but in rural area the literacy rate is only 15% as a result women are traditionally discriminated against and excluded from political and family related decisions. Despite the large amount of work women must do on a daily basis to support their families, their opinions are rarely acknowledged and their rights are limited.

Our Target: we will provide employment to 50 unliterate women and setup there business.

Use Of Funds: We will provide a series of handcrafting/industrial workshop to train these women then there manufactured product will be marketed in local as well as online markets and all raise money will be paid to these women in there bank accounts.

We will need only 900€ to which include trainer fees and material cost all other expenses were bear by us.

So i request you to donate as much as you can.

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