Need money for my father's Life Support System

My fagher lungs are damaged and due to which his right side heart is failed now. He is now in Life Support System and due to lack of money it is getting harder for my family. I study in France and want to help my mother with this but since I do not earn money now I can not help her. That's why I ask for help here!


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Akhouri Abhijeet Kumar


Ranchi, India

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My father has never smoked or consumed alcohol in his life. He has no bad habits but he still got sick becuase of lack of attention when his diseases were in starting stage, now doctors declared that his lungs are oversized and not working and that is why his right side heart failure occurred. 

His body is not accepting oxygen and he is in life support system. It can be treated and increase his life expectancy but becuase of no unibersal healthcare system in the country, my family has to pay for all which is very expensive. 

With this fund raising I want to help my mother by contributing some money. 

Thank you all for donating ♡