Music project for refugee children

the goal is to raise money for refugee children who need help


Created by :

Marlene van Eijsden


Amsterdam, Nederland

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Help refugee children

As we all know, every day hundreds of refugees still flee all over the world. Once they have made it to Europe or elsewhere, they are still victims of malnutrition and dehydration; trauma's; sicknesses etc. Our aim with our music project is to raise money for these refugees, and especially their children, who are in need of help. Hamid Tabatabaei is an Iranian composer. He has composed several music tracks for dance, theater and films. He has also released several cd's. Regarding this music project he has composed a number of songs that are inspired by the Iranian children's book the little black fish, written by Samad Behranghi. This story symbolizes the desire for development and the abandonment of a monotonous lifestyle in order to discover a larger world. At the time this work was interpreted as being against the dictatorial authority, which is why it was placed on the black list of forbidden books in Iran. In order to raise money for the refugee children on the Greek island Lesbos and refugee children of foundation Vrolijkheid, he wants to record these composed music tracks. Once recorded, he wants to sell the cd's and give some concerts in order to be able to raise more money for the refugee children. All the money of the cd's and concerts will be donated to the refugee children


Shandiz ensemble, with founder Hamid Tabatabaei on the right site of the photo.